Hello World!

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Hey and hello world! This is my new personal real estate on the internet. In this first post, I want to set some things straight.

First of all, I want to introduce myself. I am a guy from Germany in my early thirties. I got my own little company and earn my living by building software. Besides that, I invest some time in trying new business models and verifying whether they could be scaled and how. In my free time, I am interested in open source software, stopping climate change, sports, and dogs.

On the sports front I am mainly running, hiking and climbing. I live together with my dog (Siberian Husky) and am also a dog trainer in a non-profit organization.

Second, please don’t expect a new post every other day. The schedule will more likely be one post per month except when a eureka moment hits my brain this might go up.

The third thing are the topics to be covered in my blog. Most of the posts will be somehow related to software. Besides that, I will be writing a lot about my endeavors and projects I work on. You can also expect to see some posts about climate change.

Long-form posts about software topics you will find on my company website and dog training related posts will be posted on my dog training website. They may be linked to this website at some point, so you will be able to find them.

That’s it. I hope you enjoy my writing. Please send me feedback to my email address and have fun reading!